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Short Overview

Supply Chain and Logistics

We are at the forefront of developing innovative supply chain solutions, fusing our global network and depth of expertise with pioneering digital innovations to enable our customers to stay ahead on LAND AIR & SEA!

Supply chain expertise to build your business


Business today is highly dynamic. It constantly requires you to have one eye on your work, and the other on your supply chain strategy. As you cope with these ever-changing scenarios, it’s easy to overlook certain areas of your supply chain process that can help you maximise value. That’s where we come in.

Gaylor Global Group’s Logistical Subsidiaries train our supply chain development (SCD) experts help you get more supply chain visibility. Our teams can help you identify blind spots critical to your overall business strategy. We also have a depth of logistics expertise – working with strategic customer partners across industries and geographies – which allows us to create a supply chain model and plan that fits your companies goals.

What we offer


Whether you are looking to drive top-line growth, lower costs or prepare for critical risk scenarios, our wealth of experience enables us to tailor your supply chain strategy to meet your needs. Our expertise provides:

  • Higher reliability through increased visibility and better planning
  • Optimised supply chain model resulting in reduced costs & increased control of cargo flow
  • Reduced inventory costs and optimised cashflow
  • Improved agility and responsiveness to new market demands
  • Ease of managing your supply chain through data integration and automation

Our approach to your business

From site visits and market research to supply chain strategy and optimisation, we work with you to simplify your logistics to so that you keep your competitive advantage.


We listen to you, to unearth the root causes of the pain points and bottlenecks affecting your supply chain.


Through workshops and site-visits, we identify and prioritise initiatives for optimisation based on your strategic direction.


Based on rigorous analysis, we propose the right steps and recommendations that allow you to make informed decisions on any changes to your supply chain.


Once a new solution is agreed upon, we help create the development roadmap.

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